Friday, May 20, 2011

Todays Adventure of The Stay At Home Mom

I'm Pretty Sure That's Poop.

I Don't Want to Know How It Got There.

My children seem to find it more worth their energy spending to do everything in their powers to NOT do what mom tells them to do!
Flushing the toilet, and washing your hands would save you SOOO much more time. I'm not sure how long it takes you to do what ever you do to avoid it but really, trust me. I DO know best sometimes.

How Is It May 20

And The Coat Closet Is Still FULL

of COATS, Hats, Gloves, and Snow Pants?

I have really enjoyed the rain this year!
For me, it can not rain enough. I should live in Washington or Oregon.
Don't think we don't look often!
Our drawers are overflowing at this time. Between the few pairs of shorts I had to get out for the handful of warm days, and the Long Sleeve shirts, and the Short Sleeve shirts, and the Pants we are STILL wearing (although, by the looks of all of those pants, we seem to be a family of capri believers); I have NO more room in the kids drawers and laundry is completely out of control!

I hate packing away the seasons and sizes not in use.
BUT I am so grateful to have boxes of hand-me-downs to go through when needed.

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  1. Have to admit I have gotten to the "fed up" stage with the clothing situation. Stacks are just laying around and it's hard to know what we have and what we need,etc. Looks like we have ward for the next week so I think I am going to make the big switch. . . I think.