Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chocolate Derby

After the "Big Wedding" we were all a bit jealous. People in the UK get to wear hats. In the US, if we wear hats . . . .well, we don't. The last time hats were in style is when Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were in the Top 10!

So, we decided to do something about it!
For a friends birthday we celebrated with a
"Chocolate Derby."
Hats were required, and they could participate in the Chocolate derby by bringing 8 small portions of their favorite chocolate thing.

Not everyone wore a hat, but these were the few that did!

The Table Setting

Adorable Centerpiece!
The Menu:
Chicken and Steak Kabobs
Fruit Kabobs, Green salad and watermelon
We migrated into the house and gave presents and voted on our favorite hat:


Nothin says a good hat like,

"Feed the birds . . .Tuppence, Tuppence . . ."

We each had a plate and a lime wedge.

We started with the first dessert, she explained why she chose this item and then we tasted as much or little as we wanted.

Then we cleansed our pallet by licking the lime and moved on to the next person.
Once we had partaken of everyones sample, we ate what we wanted to and chatted till all hours of the night!
Good Fun!

Good Friends!

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