Monday, July 25, 2011

Caprese Salad

So easy and yummy!

1 Tomato (Diced)

1 String Cheese (Diced)

Dash of Salt

Fresh Basil (Chopped)

Balsamic Vinegar (to taste)

Mix it up and eat for lunch!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Soap Tip

My kids go through hand soap in the bathroom like it's sugar!

It's NOT that they use a lot of soap to wash with, it's that they think they have to push it the pump as far down as it will go. THEN, in so doing, there is so much soap that it just runs off their tiny hands into the sink, instead of washing the germs!

SO, I put a rubber band around the base of the pump so that they can't push it all of the way down to waste soap!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here's the Orpingtons and the Rhode Island Reds.

We are pretty sure by now that there are ALL hens! Our first batch of Sex-linked, on the other hand, are NOT all hens!

4 of the 6 were Roosters!
I loved hearing them every morning...and every afternoon...and most places in between!

But we aren't zoned for Roosters

and after advertising to GIVE them away

No one claimed them!

D had to have Tim come over and show him how to "process" them.

Thank you, Tim.

It was an experience that brought D a bit closer to his maker!

With the bees and chickens, we have certainly been brought closer to God. It's truly amazing, His works. We are so blessed.

First Honey

The kids (Mostly just me) had a honey Sale today!

We sold 11 containers of fresh, Raw Honey!

Last Week D extracted the honey with a rented extractor.

He got about 10 gallons of honey (120 lbs) out of his 2 hives.

He will harvest again in the fall.