Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exploring a Hobbie

I have no hobbies.

I know, it's hard to believe, but really. It's true.

Well, I guess it isn't true - Food is a hobbie of mine; cooking, eating, creating, spending way too much time there, just like a hobbie, right?

AND I do write. No I don't go to writing classes and seminars on becoming a writer, but I have always been a good writer.

So other than FOOD and writing, I have no hobbie.

HMMMM. What's the difference between a hobbie and a talent?

Anyway; Some people read, some sew, some quilt, some garden.

I can do all of those things and many more things but I don't LOVE doing it nor look forward to accomplishing projects in the name of "relaxing time away productively" in other words - Hobbie.

I blame my mother.


I blame my upbringing.

I was not taught to do things. We were not encouraged to try things. We couldn't afford to try things. We just had to deal with what we had and do what we could without structure or teaching or tools.

I didn't do little league, we didn't take classes, we didn't do things in our spare time. I did do piano for less than a year.

I never thought it would matter, that I didn't have hobbies.

It never does matter until I am a stay at home mom.

My life has been busy with work. If I had spare time, it was spent sitting, thinking, watching tv, sleeping, EATING, chatting,etc (as if there were more to it, but there really isn't.). And if I was bored I got a job, because, ahgmgm [clearing my throat] money solves ALL dilemmas.

In fact, I can also blame my hobbilessness on money as well.

Hobbies are very costly.

I can't really think of a free hobbie . . . okay, weeding a garden is free, but who enjoys just weeding the garden beds? The joy of that hobbie comes in the planting flowers and beautifying . . .plants and seeds cost money.

When I decide I would like to try something, you can bet the one thing that discourages me and changes my mind first is THE COST.

Now that I am a SAHM I want to be home with my children and for my children but there is at times, time to be filled.

So thus it is, the sneak peek at my trial hobbie

So far I have spent $15 on the beginning, and yet . . .I have only just after 3 days of working on it, figured out how to make it work. I haven't even started purchasing the supplies - and it will far exceed $15.00.

I have no books, I have no patterns, and not a whole lot of money to spend on it (but my family may starve for a while, I'll deal with it when that time comes). Just my creative mind, Minimal tools, My Husbands creative mind (which many times exceeds my own), and my husbands mathematical, practical, and artistic GENIUS ingenuity. he really is brilliant.

Tune in next time!

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