Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Using Time

As you may have heard me say in the past, "I have no hobbies."

Well, I DO like to sew, but I have to have a reason to do anything.  I don't enjoy riding snowmobiles around the field - but I love driving snowmobiles up to the cabin.  I don't love riding horses around the park - but I love a nice long trail ride or packing trip.  I have to have a purpose to spending the time...and money!

So, I've been working like crazy at the machine sewing doll clothes!
I'd love to sell them, but there are people out there practically giving clothes away, so I will never really make much money off this hobby.
But, Oh!  It feels good.  My house is a disaster, since I'm sewing at the kitchen table...
...and since I'm busy sewing, my kids practically get away with murder....
.....and when I'm on a roll, my kids run amuck - and eat anything since I am too busy to even stop and feed them!
I loved Barbies when I was young.  I loved to dress and style them.  I find it makes me super happy to make a set of clothes for girls who want them but can't pay $50 for a DOLL COAT!  Or $14 for a pair of pants.
I do sell to anyone who needs or wants though.  This is a sample set. 
1 fancy dress, complete with shoes and an accessory (hat, or purse, etc.)
2 1/2 skirts(one of them is reversible)
2 pants/trouser
3 shirts
1 jacket.
All for $30
I find I'm very happy sewing.
I like it a lot!

OH!  and especially when I make a matching outfit for the girls!  They love it and I love to see them love it!

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