Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

This is why I was so excited to get my Christmas present.

I like having fruit smoothies for breakfast, but our old blender was very cheap and not very durable.

HONESTLY - I don't really enjoy eating fruit . . . I have a geographical tongue that makes thinks overly sour at times. I love vegetables, especially cooked with butter and salt but I struggle to get my 5 a day and It is very tricky to get 24g of fiber per day.

But not any more!

(she said in her infomercial tone of voice!) Here's what I put in my smoothie for breakfast about 5 days of the week:

Ingred ----------------------------Calories -------------g's of Fiber

8 oz Milk------------------------------130 -------------------0

8 oz water or 2 c ice--------------- 0--------------------- 0

1 Banana---------------------------- 100 ------------------- 3

2tsp Metemucil -------------------- 40-------------------- 6

1/2c Spinach leaves------------------0--------------------1

8 peach slices (frzn) --------------- 35 ----------------- 2.5

4 Strawberries (frzn) ----------------8--------------------- 1

1tsp frozen OJ concentr-----------50---------------------0

4 small prunes------------------------50------------------1.5

2T flax Meal --------------------------60---------------------3

3 Baby Carrots -----------------------7 ---------------------1

19 Grams of Fiber!!!

4 of my 5-a-day!!!

480 calories

That's why I love my blendtec.

It puree's anything and everything!

Yes the fruit smoothie is high in calories, but that's because it makes 32oz ! I wonder how many weight watcher points this would be? Probably a lot!

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