Saturday, August 15, 2009

ARRG! Speak Like a Pirate, Ye Can!

First we played a game to help them dress like pirates

Then we went on a pirate Scavenger Hunt,

Following the clues, and SPEAKING LIKE PIRATES,


Then when we found the X that marked the spot,

we digged for treasures and put them in their own little treasure boxes.

Mar designed her own cake.

She walked me through the process as I made it.


BLUE CAKE (on the inside)

Blue frosting all over, even on the sides for the water.

An Island along this edge,

And then the playmobil pirate things on top.

It needs to have a wave coming up onto the island

(look closely at the second picture to find the wave!)
Note to self: Blue food coloring makes the cake taste bitter!

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