Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got Milk?

Yesterday we took our annual adventure to Logan for a food storage item. At Gossner Dairy, they make all sorts of cheese and boxed, shelf stable milk. I get about 6 gallons a year too have on hand for when we are out of milk and can't get to the store. It's better than powdered milk.

We love Logan and if we could we would live there. When you go to the cheese store they have a table set up with a bunch of cheese samples and milk samples, you just grab a tooth pick and poke a cube of cheese. It's delightful.

Well, the milk comes in quarts or in tiny 8 oz boxes. They look like Juice Boxes, but it's milk. They have 1%, 2%, Whole, Chocolate, banana, mango, strawberry, vanilla, root beer. . . Anyway-

I stood there contemplating what kind to get and how many. I kept telling ManZ to get off the pallets, and stop hiding behind the cooler cases and then I heard it. I little poke. Then another poke, and I turned around to see Grant poking a toothpick into the plastic that holds the cases of milk together.

Now Moms are a bit psychic. They can read the worst case scenario before it even happens, that's what we do, it's part of good parenting and preventing disaster! I though instantly, "I hope he just poked the plastic and not the little metallic circle where the straws are supposed to go in cause then we would have to buy all that milk since it would officially be open and unlike a juice box, the Milk won't last for weeks and weeks in the fridge and give us time to drink it all."

I walked over to ManZ and quickly stopped him and took his tooth pick away. And then we purchased 32 Banana milks that have to be drunk soon.

And, NO - they can't be frozen . . .they expand and seep right out of that toothpick hole as they freeze!

Lovely 2 year olds. Just Lovely.

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